Insider Secrets Give
Job Seekers an Employment Edge

Have you been recently laid-off?

Are you looking for your first job?

Are you interviewing but aren't getting offers?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions Keep Reading.

The employment market is becoming more competitive with each passing day. That's why the savvy seeker knows she must do everything within her power to achieve success.

If you are new to the market, haven't looked for work in a long time or just can't get an offer I can help.

My name is Shirley Ray.

Over the years working as a successful corporate recruiter, professional recruiter and staffing agency owner I've interviewed thousands of job hopefuls and placed hundreds of deserving people into good positions. Sourcing and placing talented people is extremely rewarding on many levels. But there's a problem.

For every person that is hired or placed; there are many more I'm prevented from helping. That reality, combined with the floods of people being forced into the job market, propelled the creation of this website.

I'm on a mission to teach people how to get hired.

Too many people simply are not prepared for the realities of today's employment market. Time and time again I see qualified people unintentionally sabotage their own candidacy.

Now it's been my experience that a certain percentage of the unemployed are aware of the shortcomings in their approach to the market. Many are even aware of the unwritten rules. But for whatever reason the people in this group are unwilling to do the work necessary to build a winning candidacy.

The bad news? I'm not in a position to help those people.

The good news? If you've read this far you are not in that group!

Happily there's another group of individuals who are ready and willing to do whatever it ethically takes to win the job. The people in this group just need help or guidance to avoid pitfalls and make good tactical decisions.

If you fall into this group, you may very well be able to create or make needed changes to your search techniques or marketing tools by following the advice found on this web site.

Knowledge is Power. From me you'll learn search strategies that work for real people. Get a behind the scenes look at how companies hire. Discover useful information you won’t get anywhere else. And find resources to put you in control of your career search.

In the real world recruiters review literally hundreds of resumes a week. Each resume doesn't always get looked at. Interviewers don't always know what they're doing. And hiring companies sometimes have faulty hiring processes.

Learn to recognize these and other real world situations. Adjust your tactics accordingly and You Will...Gain an Edge to Win the Job.

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Get an Employment Edge over other Job Seekers
Knowing how to influence hiring actions will give you an employment edge.
Start your Job Search Here
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Networking for a Job
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Casual Networking
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Inside Staffing Agencies and Placement Companies
Get an inside look at how staffing agencies operate to gain an edge over other candidates.
Avoiding a Job Offer Scam
Knowing what a job offer scam looks like will save you grief.
How to Write a Resume
Learn how to write a resume to make it as strong as possible. Get face-to-face with the hiring manager.
Which Resume Format is Right for You?
The right resume format can help you get face-to-face with the hiring authority.
Your Resume Target
To hit your resume target each resume you submit should be customized. Position specific resume keywords are just one consideration. Here is how to target your resume.
Your Resume Keywords
Resume keywords are necessary if you want to get found in resume databases (like internet job boards). Here's where to find them and how to tell which resume keywords you need.
Employment Application Do's and Don’ts
Insider tips on filling out an employment application
Good Job References will Give You an Edge
There's more than one way to obtain good job references. Here's how.
Employment Verification vs. Employment Reference
Confusing an employment verification with an employment reference could cost you a job offer.
Interviewing Do's and Don'ts
Learn from other's interviewing mistakes to do what it takes and get the job.
How to Ace an Interview
Learn how to ace an interview. Get this free insider interview secret that gives serious job seekers an edge.
Common Job Interview Questions
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Your Career Profile
Your career profile is a powerful tool that can be used to move your candidacy to the head of the job seeking line.
Telephone Job Interview
To be at your best in a telephone job interview you need to know what to expect and how to prepare. These free insiders tips will help you on your way.
Questions to Ask in Interview Situations
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Interviewing Attire
Interviewing attire - Tips and suggestions for making your best first impression.
The Pay Rate Question
How to negotiate the highest pay rate possible without pricing yourself out of the job.
Negotiate Salary Successfully
Negotiate Salary Successfully - Maximize your chance to get top dollar by knowing how and when to answer questions about your current or desired pay rate.
Effective Interview Follow Up
Job winning interview follow up. Don't miss this important opportunity to influence the hiring decision. These free insider tips show you how.
Post Interview Thank You Note Examples
Post interview thank you note examples written to the hiring manager, potential new colleague, HR recruiter and the hiring manager's boss.
Thank You for Interview Letter Template
How to word a thank you for interview letter to the hiring manager.
Salary Histories - Should you tell?
Salary Histories - How other job seekers have handled the demand to submit their salary history with resume.
Dear Shirley
Dear Shirley - Advice on how to handle a second interview with coworkers
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A description of employment coaching services provided by Shirely Ray, Employment coach
Shirley Ray - Employment Coach
About Shirley Ray - Employment Coach. The 'who' behind
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